Industrial Cleaning and Turnaround Services









Kemia´s Industrial Cleaning Division expertise


Tank cleaning  - 10 m3 – 100.000 m3


- Manual cleaning

- Semi-automatic cleaning

- Automatic cleaning


Refinery & Plant turnaround services


- Heat exchanger cleaning

- Air cooler cleaning

- Column, tower and reactor cleaning

- Vessel and other industrial facility cleaning

- Non-destructive surface cleaning

- Heater and boiler cleaning

- High pressure shell and pipe cleaning


Kemia´s Tank cleaning services


Even if the cleaning method is performed manually, we develop the best cleaning strategies, adapted every time to our customers´needs and requirements, according to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality regulations.


In order to manage and prevent all possible risks, only certified ATEX tools and equipments are used: ex-proof electric driven membrane pumps, pneumatic driven pumps, ex-proof tools (Cu-Be, Ti, Al), special antistatic high quality flexible hoses, etc.

The gas measuring techniques have been developed by our internationally trained experts in order to develop maintenance and repair works in safe, gas-free conditions.











The automated tank cleaning system offered by us is suitable for both floating and fixed roof tanks, with a diameter exceeding 60 m.













Depending on the quality of the stored product, the recovery rate is up to 98%.


Heat exchanger cleaning – inside designated washing area
















Our wide experience in international turnaround operations is the basis to find always the ultimate solutions. 

The fast intervention team of Kemia experts and use of the latest equipments guarantee our clients´satisfaction. 










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