ECOFEIN™ - Advanced Sequential Batch Gasification Process

The ECOFEIN™ Process Designs were developed by Friðfinnur Einarsson (FINNI) M.Sc. and he filed the patent application in February 2012 (WO2013179313A1).

( The Process Design Patent and Intellectual Property Rights are 100% owned by FINNI's family business. The Advanced Sequential Batch Gasification Process designs, and related Equipment and Systems are now marketed under the brand name ECOFEIN™.

A varying flow and mixture of air and recirculated flue-gas is used  to process the waste in the Gasification Chambers. Air is used in an external cooling jacket to cool the Gasification Chambers and after it has warmed up it is used as combustion air in the Syngas Combustion Chamber.  All fans are precisely automatically controlled with feedback signals from various parts of the process.


   30 t/d Batch Gasification System  Designed by FINNI

ECOFEIN™ - ASBG Process Design Benefits

FINNI’s ASBG Process Design is the latest evolution of Fixed Hearth Batch Gasification Technologies.  Although of the same technology platform, the design considerably differs from the previous fixed hearth batch gasification designs.

The external cooling of the gasification chambers, the re-circulation of flue-gas and the precise control of under air/gas flows allows much reduced peak temperature and reduced duration at peak temperature.

This results in much improved turnaround time, reduced particulate carryover, reduced NOx production, improved quality of the syngas and high ash quality with very little auxiliary fuel consumption.

The ASBG design solves the sensitivity issues in sequencing of gasification chambers and greatly increases longevity of equipment components.

The ASBG design is beneficial to all sizes of batch gasification systems but especially for larger scale sequentially operated systems where energy recovery is an important part of the operation.